Simpfi and the unexpected moon of IreneDAO

Look at this face. The haunted expression of a young man deeply committed to capturing this hauntedness every day via a medium known only as photography. The young man has a name: Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali and he’s a 22 year old computer science student from Semarang in Indonesia. He took photos of himself for five years as a way to look back on his graduation journey. And of course, he then uploaded those photos on OpenSea, instantly writing himself into legend. The Ghozali Everyday collection a cool riposte to those who claim Beeple is the only artist with the right to use the EVERYDAY brand. The collection is a staggering insight into the life of someone nobody saw coming. Because Ghozali went NFT viral. 366 ETH in traded volume. That’s around 1.2m dollars. You can never predict what the internet is going to fall in love with and this is just one of those pinch yourself moments. It helps that Ghozali himself is so nice with it.

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