What does sweep the floor mean nft

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what does sweep the floor mean nft

Sweep the floor definition.

You also sweep when you move in a smooth confident way like when you sweep onto the dance floor in a dazzling new outfit. The surface of a room on which one stands. Farlex Dictionary of Idioms.

Sweeping the floors of ones house with a broom in a dream means becoming poor or it could mean the death of a sick person in that house or the distribution of ones property and possessions after his death. Floor Sweep Sweeping is another commonly uttered term because of peoples interest in a projects floor. 2015 Farlex Inc all rights reserved.

Synonym Discussion of Sweep. Sweeping a floor and collecting the trash in a dustpan in a dream means profiting from a project. Sweep can mean to clean a floor or to move swiftly.

Sweeping the streets symbolizes contempt for someone or something.

What does sweep the floor mean nft

If you wish to converse with me,” said Voltaire, “define your terms.” This could have been directed at an NFT enthusiast, who to an outsider may as well be speaking a different language. As a brand new phenomenon, NFTs are difficult enough to comprehend, so it doesn’t help that the terminology surrounding them can seem opaque.

Here are thirty of the most common terms, an understanding of which will help anyone navigate this new and fast-changing terrain.

Beeple – Pseudonym for Mike Winkelmann, perhaps the most well known digital artist.
Beeple’s Everydays: the First 5000 Days sold for $69,400,000, the current record for most expensive NFT.

Binance Smart Chain – A blockchain compatible with buying and selling NFTs.

Polygon is an attractive platform for NFTs because of cheap minting costs and low gas fees.

Rarible – A community-owned NFT marketplace founded in 2020. The Moscow-based platform mostly hosts digital art, and is fuelled by its native ERC-20 token RARI.

Royalties – Money earned by an NFT creator through the token’s resale.
Some NFTs automatically pay royalties each time an NFT is sold. An NFT can be hardcoded to pay an artist royalties forever, an interesting use case that has the potential to shake up the music industry.

Smart Contract – A self-executing digital contract.
NFTs are composed of code written in smart contract programming language like Solidity.

Hashmasks is a collection of 16,384 unique digital portraits ( Image source)

Solidity – A programming language for writing smart contracts.

Ethereum is currently the main platform for NFT projects.

Floor price – The lowest NFT price in any given category of NFTs. To “buy the floor” is to buy the cheapest NFT in a project / collection.

Flow – A blockchain created by Dapper Labs that’s custom-made for games and collectibles.

NBA Top Shot is a marketplace for basketball “moments”, which are short highlight clips packaged as NFTs ( Image source)

Fractional ownership – Partial ownership rights over an NFT.
Sellers can sell percentages of a work and buyers can buy what they can afford.

Fungibility – Replaceability. Dollars are fungible because a dollar owed can be paid using any dollar in existence.

According to Electric Capital investor and NFT enthusiast Maria Shen, the success of an NFT is evaluated based on“the community you’re able to cultivate through NFTs.” This can be quantified via Discord activity, the content or projects contributed by the brand’s fans, and the NFT collection’s price floor, just to name a few metrics.

“The higher the floor price, the more valuable the collection,” Shen said, then offered an example of community activity amongBored Ape Yacht Club(BAYC) NFT collectors. “BAYC community members build additional projects and add-ons like the ‘Bored Ape Kids Club,’ where someone makes child versions of your ape, and the ‘Bored Ape Beauty Salon,’ where you can give your ape a ‘makeover’ with new hair, etc.”

Some might argue the NFT trend isanother facetof the broadervideo game marketingphenomena gaining steam with fashion and beauty brands.

More than a dozen nail artists,fashionand beauty brands,including multiple perfume companies, have launched non-fungible tokens (NFTs) over the past few months.E.l.f. Cosmeticswas the latest to sell out of an initial NFT line in June, with 9 collectibles sold at $5-$9 each.

“For us, it’s about speaking to our community with boldness and conviction, and making sure that we deliver a constant stream of innovation and activations that continue to fuel our connection with every eye, lip and face,” said Gayitri Budhraja, vp of brand at E.l.f.


With all of these examples, it’s starting to become clear whichNFT campaignsproduce value for the brand and which are merely trendy experiments.

Flow blockchain for exchanging one of the most unique forms of NFT: virtual basketball “moments.” Users can buy and sell short highlight clips of their favorite plays as if they were trading cards.

Nifty Gateway – A popular NFT marketplace owned by Gemini, a cryptocurrency exchange. A “Nifty” is simply an NFT.

Off-chain metadata – Metadata that is stored outside the blockchain.

The Sandbox is a video game on the blockchain that allows users to monetize their creations as NFTs ( Image source)

On-chain metadata – Metadata that is directly incorporated in a smart contract.

OpenSea – Launched in 2018, OpenSea is the first and largest NFT marketplace, boasting four million assets and 135+ DApps.

Polygon – An Ethereum-compatible protocol that provides cheaper, faster, and more secure payment transactions.

A sweep is when there is positive news about a NFT project that suddenly buyers buy NFTs at the floor price.

Assets are purchased in bulk whenever an NFT floor sweep occurs.

Why users “Sweep the floor”

Floor sweep can almost always be automated so trades are executed faster and without drawing attention to the market.

It is not uncommon for high-potential project NFTs to be swept immediately by mint searcher bots. The purchaser will have an advantage, and can sell the newly acquired prices at a higher price “floor price”, essentially flipping them for profit.

Profit maximization could be the motivation for collectors who are looking to make a living from their hobby.

Sometimes “sweeping the floor” can be used to reduce trading fees.

Ethereum is still the most active NFTs-mining platform, but it’s very expensive to transact.

Taking part in crypto and also NFT calls for that you recognize all the lingo utilized so you do not miss it. One such vernacular is “Sweep the Floor” and also its definition is not as made complex as you assume.

What does “Sweep Floor / Sweep The Floor” indicate in the NFT talk?

“Sweep the Floor” can be related to both task proprietors and also customers.
If the task proprietors “sweep the floor,” it indicates they get all their NFTs at their plant rate. On the various other hand, customers that “sweep the floor” get all the offered symbols or a a great deal of NFTs from the task.

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When there is a flooring move, it indicates the chips are gotten wholesale.

Buy when cheap hope it increases in value then sell when it does.

The owner of the store was sweeping his floor when I walked in. Whats people lookup in this blog. It is coined from floor price which refers to the lowest price an NFT owner is listing an NFT.

The lower or supporting surface of a structure.

Sweep something offoutup etc will you sweep the leaves off the patio. To sweep the floor is to buy all the NFTs from a collection that are listed at floor price thus raising the floor.

Meaning pronunciation translations and examples.

Wipe the floor with someone To easily defeat an opponent. You need to sweep them outside of your home and you are.

When you use a broom to clean the floor you sweep. How to use sweep in a sentence.

The quest to be the best in a highly competitive, growing market is becoming increasingly difficult.

What is Sweeping The Floor in NFTs?

This is why a new trend is emerging: “Sweeping The Floor” in NFTs, buying masse.

Sweepers are undoubtedly FOMOing and trying to get their newly acquired assets “moon” as soon as possible.

Are you still following?

It is frustrating to be immersed in crypto news terminology every time you go; it’s hard.

You don’t have to worry, I will translate.

To begin, FOMO–Fear Of Missing Out.

Do you remember when Bitcoin “mooned?” Do you remember when Bitcoin rallied to its peak?

Many investors were attracted to the surge in prices from $20k to $40k, then to $68k. Most of them didn’t want out.

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