What. is. nft. profile. picture.

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what. is. nft. profile. picture.

You can also create a non-fungible token with the characteristics you want, or you can buy an existing one from a marketplace.

How Much is the NFT Profile Pic?

You can choose your avatar by creating an NFT, buying one from a marketplace, or rebranding an existing ERC-721 token. The price of these avatars varies based on the studio that created them and the concept behind them.

Why Do We Need to Use it?

You need to use it because it allows you to display your crypto ownership of NFT. It also helps you to verify your identity on Twitter in a more professional way.

What is NFT in Crypto?

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens to give them their full name, are cryptographic assets held on a blockchain.

What is nft profile picture

You have to have a Twitter Blue subscription, which is only available in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Plus, you need to have an iOS device to set an NFT as your profile picture.
You can read more about the requirements and procedures for setting an NFT as your profile image here.

While Twitter thought this might be a cool idea, a ton of users were unhappy with this step.

Hiccups and reactions

A lot of people, including Elon Musk, thought that this limiting functionality is annoying, and it’ll make people with hex avatars a bit more entitled. The Tesla chief thought Twitter should spend more engineering talent in blocking crypto spammers.

What are nft profile pictures

Next, a drop-down will open to connect a compatible token portfolio. In the capture of the beta version we can see that Coinbase, Trust, Argent, Metamask, Gnosis Safe, Crypto.com, Pillar, ImToken and the Opera browser are supported.

Does it have any use beyond posturing?

Every time someone buys an NFT and announces it on Twitter, the typical hater always appears who downloads the image and posts it again to demonstrate their rejection of this technology.

However, Twitter has thought about this detail very well. In the preview that Taylor published, it is clear that any profile that has an image originating from an NFT will appear with an Ethereum symbol next to it.

You will only have to download the image and upload it to your Twitter profile as a featured image or profile image .

But the thing does not stop there . If you know Twitter well, you will know that Jack Dorsey (@jack), the CEO of this social network, is very involved in the world of cryptocurrencies.

In fact, this successful entrepreneur not only dedicates time to Twitter, but is also the founder of Square , which is a financial platform for digital payments.

With those two big projects on the table, it’s no wonder Dorsey is interested in interconnecting the two businesses .

A quick refresher on the NFT concept

NFT is the acronym for “non-fungible token”, which translates as fungible token. The term basically comes to mean that it is not possible to replace one with an identical one.

Let’s go with a quick example to understand this matter at a stroke. If you lend me money (1 bitcoin or a simple 50 euro bill), my debt with you will be paid when I return that amount.
In this case, the BTC or the 50 euro bill. But … You will not necessarily receive back the same bitcoin or the same original bill. Any of the millions that exist helps us to close the deal.
This pillar is the vital difference between any token and an NFT token .

NFT not only makes it easier for the artist to sell the work, but also certifies its authorship via blockchain at the same time that the blockchain acts as a notary, showing the current owner of the artistic piece or digital asset.

Why use an NFT as an image on Twitter?

Whether you have a personal profile or if you are developing a brand, it is essential to be original . In the same way that before you could hire a designer to create the logo of your company or personal brand, with NFTs, the market takes a turn allowing you to choose a unique and exclusive image for your project.

You probably know small companies that have the exact same logo from having bought the image from a Shutterstock or Freepik-style stock bank. These platforms sell licenses for the images that their collaborators upload.

We’ll be monitoring feedback from people in Twitter Blue Labs and share additional updates as we have them.

If you’re an NFT owner who doesn’t own an iOS device or don’t have Twitter Blue subscription, a tool called Show My NFT will randomly update your profile picture on the platform from your collection.

While more people are purchasing, or trying to understand NFTs, the company’s rollout wasn’t ideal or inclusive by any means. It has to figure out many cultural and technical caveats to make this a more acceptable feature across the board.

Twitter’s not the only social network looking to link NFTs to profile pictures.

As the Financial Times noted last week, Meta is working on features that will let users show off their NFTs through profile avatars on Facebook and Instagram.

The store is located within the Ethereum blockchain and we will have to use its own token (RARI) if we want to buy any type of art. In addition, you should know that there are large companies in the audiovisual sector supporting this project, where neither more nor less than Adobe stands out .


It was born this same 2021 and it is a simple , light and very visualmarketplace .
It is bought and sold using Ethereum. The great reception that the artists have made to this store is also worth mentioning.


It is another website that aspires to remove the throne from OpenSea.

They greatly facilitate the “minting” process (that is, the creation of the non-fungible token) and their means of payment is exclusively Ethereum so far.


This last store that we will talk about today is similar to Rarible , but stands out for having a very interesting content curation mechanism. Ethereum is used for exchanges, although they have plans to launch their own token. Everything found in SuperRare can also be purchased through OpenSea.

How to put your NFT as a profile picture on your Twitter account

Once you have purchased your NFT, the blockchain will be in charge of verifying that only you are the owner of the image you have acquired.

That’s too much work.

made a transparent template for anyone interested in copping some free nft profile pics pic.twitter.com/WfQ0EGJHRy

— jack (@JackTheMonkeMan) January 20, 2022

here’s a rough template to make your own hexagon profile picture, no nft required. happy trolling pic.twitter.com/RKRnfYMdV1

— ♡princess doki♡ (@dokipilled) January 20, 2022

Twitter’s response to this is rather interesting as they are calling it an easy method to verify NFTs:

This new feature provides a seamless, user-friendly way for people on Twitter to verify NFT ownership by allowing them to directly connect their crypto wallets to Twitter and select an NFT from their collection as their new profile picture.

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