What is whale in nft

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what is whale in nft

Faq 1. What is the total supply? 10,000 unique “the whale” nfts. Wl price: tba- genesis holder (; Public sale: tba 2. When will the whale launch? Mint date: tba 3. Why should I become a whale? As a whale member, you will be part of the first and only project that is bringing a safe environment for both nft experts and newcomers. Whether you have experience with nfts or not, the whale community is here to continue learning about the crypto world while passively earning some extra income (:. It is time for all the nft traders to become one. For whales, community comes first. Thus, we want all of our holders to use this community to share their interests about the virtual world. There are different types of whales in the sea and that is why we value authenticity. In our channels you will be able to work as a whale artist, a whale nft trader, a whale meta builder, a miner whale, and so on. Are you ready to become a whale? 4. What is in the whale roadmap? As professional whales we need to be honest and transparent with every single plan in our roadmap. Our initial plans can be found at thewhalenft.Io moreover, after releasing our dao voting system, whales will secretly discuss the potential plans for our organization(miniprojects). Only holders will access the full details of our roadmap and the ideas that the team has for the next 3 years for “the whale”. The founders of the whale assume all the responsibility to execute all the items listed in the roadmap to make the whale the first nft vault that allows nft and crypto degens to make crypto their full time hustle

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