What makes nft projects successful

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If there is something that has defined 2021 in the world of digital assets, it is undoubtedly the irruption of NFTs collections that more than a simple trend, have proven in a very short time to be one of the safest and securest forms of investment and with a great potential in recent times.

Taking advantage of the blockchain technology that makes cryptocurrencies a safer exchange rate (on many occasions) than real money, Non Fungible Tokens are in a sense the virtually equivalent in gold or any other existing material good.

To have an immediate idea of ​​the magnitude of the growth of NTFs and its importance, just during the month of August, OpenSea, registered the record for the highest monthly amount of transactions carried out, equivalent to 3.4 trillion dollars. The greatest in all history.

Of course, as in any market, in the case of NFTs, their value depends entirely on the demand, and the process that got it there. The world’s largest NFT marketplace,Opensea, constantly updates the ranking of NFTs in different categories. Down below we present the 10 best NFTs collections in all its history.

TOP 10 NFTs collections

|.- Cryptopunks

Not surprisingly, CryptoPunks is currently the most sought-after NFT project. This project is the pioneer of the NFT movement and originated in 2017 by Larva Labs.

This collection of NFTs contains a total of 10,000 CyberPunk characters. Currently its trading volume is 547,783.38 ETH.

2.-Art Blocks Curated.

It is easy to understand the value of this project that by combining the Blockchain and computer code, allows users to generate unique pieces of art during the creation of the NFT.

The most interesting part is that this generation is not random, and that all new pieces have to be previously approved by a curatorial council. It currently has 7,703 owners.

3.-Bored Ape Yacht Club

In September, a total of 107 Bored Ape NFTs were sold for $ 24.4 million. This collection consists of a total of 10,000 collectible pieces.


Their success is based in that more than being an NFT Project, they are a platform for NFT creation, which allows artists and collectors to create their own pieces without needing to know how to code. This explains their success and the number of pieces that it currently houses witch are approximately 3,176,000.

5.- Mutant Ape Yacht Club

They belong to the Bored Ape project. Mutant Ape is an ingenious phase of the NFT, one that can only be acquired by “exposing” a previously acquired Bored Ape to mutant serum. It currently has 9,200 owners.

6.- MeebitsThis is another generative NFT project via the Ethereum blockchain. Currently its trading volume is up to 71.8k ETH.

7.- Crypto Kitties

Crypto Kitties and CriptoPunks are a historic NFT project, which became a phenomenon overnight, and which even inspired the creation of blockchains specialized in digital assets and blockchain games.

Currently the trading volume of Crypto Kitties is 69,903.95 ETH.

8.- Loot (for adventurers)

A recently created NFT project that bases its success on the fact that the choice of the adventurer’s team is totally random. Loot intentionally concealed all sorts of information and images so that the choice of the NFT would depend entirely on the interpretation of the buyers.

9.- Decentraland

Being in the top 10 is no small thing, Decentraland is a project that is currently trading at a historical volume of 56,663.59 ETH, in which allows people to buy plots of land and build what they want on them. Clearly these are virtual plots.

10.- Super rare

Aunque el número 10 en realidad correspondía a Art Blocks Playground, quienes desarrollaron Art Blocks Curated, Super Rare es otro proyecto interesante que funge más como una plataforma de creación y venta de arte digital extraño para artistas independientes. Super Rare permite endosar en las piezas el nombre del artista, tipo de creación, y año de nacimiento en opensea.

This is the top 10 of the most successful NFT collections in opensea. Of course, the list is constantly changing and growing, so it will surely not be difficult to find new NFT projects rebounding in the top positions.

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