Where to buy nft sneakers

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where to buy nft sneakers

STEPN App: Earning on walking and running with virtual NFT sneakers

STEP game is an application for mobile devices based on iOS and Android, which helps to track the physical activity of the user. To participate in the game, you must purchase an NFT (unique token) in the form of virial sneakers in the game store.

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The essence of the STEPN NFT game

The user earns game coins by completing various tasks related to physical activity (walking, running, etc.). He can withdraw, sell or use this game currency in the application.

There are two tokens in the game: GST and GMT. Both can be purchased for Solana cryptocurrency.

Where to buy nft sneakers

Here are a few observations about the current trend.

Physical Sneaker Reselling: Still Lucrative In Our Digital World

First, physical sneakers are still in demand. While digital collectibles might be a trend, most people are still not on board with the concept, and others still struggle to understand why they should pay thousands of dollars for sneakers they can’t even wear.

That means sneaker reselling is here to stay. While renowned companies such as Nike and Adidas are entering the NFT space, this has not impacted their production of physical sneakers.
The sneaker market is still hot, and hyped sneakers are still in high demand. In fact, it’s forecasted to reach a value of $30 billion by 2030.

One of the reasons sneakers are so hyped is the culture surrounding them.

These are brands that only sell products and experiences in the virtual world.

How Can You Resell NFT Sneakers?

Just like regular sneakers, you can resell NFT sneakers in the Metaverse. The only difference is that you’ll be selling them in digital form.

For example, you may purchase an NFT sneaker from Nike through the company’s portal. The company would then give you a unique key to the digital sneaker.

The key will be stored on the blockchain and act as proof of ownership. You can then resell the key to another person, who would be able to access and use the digital sneaker. The transaction would be recorded on the blockchain for transparency.

Since there’s a high demand for NFTs, the prices are expected to get higher down the line.

For one, if you resell preloved sneakers, you have to clean or wash them. With digital sneakers, there’s no such toil.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about shipping. In regular sneaker copping, you have to manage the shipping yourself.
Sometimes, the marketplace your sneakers are listed on may manage the shipping process, but it usually comes with a price — and a cut of the profit.

For digital sneakers, you just have to send the key to the buyer. It’s a much more seamless process that doesn’t require any extra effort from you.

On the whole, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider reselling NFT sneakers. Not only are they unique and in high demand, but they offer great potential for profits.

How to Resell NFT Sneakers?

If you’re looking to make some money in the near future, consider reselling NFT sneakers.

Soon the organizers promise to add two more modes: marathon and background.

Pumping and improvements in the STEPN blockchain game

The level of NFT sneakers can be increased by active participation in the STEPAN game, but not only. To increase, you can buy gems in the game store. There are 4 types of stones, different in color (and, accordingly, level): yellow stones increase the effectiveness of sneakers, red ones — their comfort, blue ones — luck, and purple ones – durability.

Gems can be upgraded for GST tokens, which are burned at the same time. Of the three stones of the same type, you can also make one of a higher level.
Sneakers can be combined in a similar way.

How to make money on sneakers in STEPN

You can earn money in the game not only by showing physical activity.

It is better to store them in the application wallet.

Reviews of the app and the STEPN project

According to user reviews, the STEP application can be used to earn money. However, the amount of income can vary greatly. For the high-quality operation of the application, the smartphone must have a good accelerator. Unfortunately, accelerators of budget mobile devices often show the distances traveled inaccurately, which affects the result of the game.

Some players manage to earn 2-3 thousand dollars a month.
But there are also risks that are always present when working with cryptocurrency.

So, calculations in the game take place using the SOL cryptocurrency. But any cryptocurrency has higher volatility compared to the stock market.

You can either do it through online marketplaces or through direct transactions with other collectors.

StockX, a streetwear and sneaker resale company, recently announced that it would start selling NFTs of rare sneakers too. Here’s how it will work.

Buying NFT Sneakers

Suppose you buy an NFT of the Air Jordans on the platform for $1,000.

Once you buy the NFT, you will also own a real-life version of the same show stored in the StockX facility. You can either keep the shoe in the vault, get it shipped to you, or sell it to its new owner without ever touching it.

Currently, StockX has nine sneakers that you can purchase and resell as NFTs.

Nikeland is a digital world where Nike fans can connect with each other, play games, and dress up their digital avatars in Nike virtual apparel, such as Nike Blazer and Air Force 1.


Although Puma has not yet released NFTs in the Metaverse, the company has filed trademark applications and aims to sell virtual goods, including bags, eyewear, and footwear. You can also expect to find Puma clothing NFTs.

Future Brands in the Metaverse

It’s expected that more luxury brands will enter the Metaverse and create digital collections of NFT apparel and accessories. It will give consumers more choices when it comes to fashion in the Metaverse.

Furthermore, expect to see more digital-only brands enter the space.

A good way to do this is to follow sneaker blogs and newsletters.

You can also join sneaker cook groups that are essentially communities of sneakerheads that share upcoming sneaker releases and other reselling tips with each other. Alternatively, you can join social media sneaker reselling groups. Even if you have all the information you need, it can still be impossible to get your hands on the best pair of sneakers due to the limited availability and high demand.

That’s why you need two additional things: sneaker bots and proxies.

Sneaker Bots

Sneaker bots are computer programs that help you cop sneakers automatically. They connect to the sneaker websites and enter your information into the raffle.

Sneaker bots use the retailer’s website code and get access to their sneaker stock.

Meanwhile, if you want to buy sneakers sold through raffles, you might want to opt for raffle bots.

Sneaker Proxies

The second thing you need to become a successful sneaker reseller is proxies. Most retailers restrict every user to buying one pair only. But when you’re in the sneaker flipping business, you definitely need more than a single pair.
Proxies help you do that.

Why Use Sneaker Proxies?

Typically, sneaker retailer websites track your IP address and won’t allow a second purchase if the request comes from the same IP address.

Proxies mask your computer’s IP address and give you a unique IP for every request you make. Therefore, you’ll be able to buy multiple pairs of the same sneakers using a single device.

Although you can’t keep these shoes in your wardrobe, they’ll probably be worth hundreds of dollars as the Metaverse takes off.

Overview of the Fashion Metaverse

Yes, there’s such a thing as fashion in Metaverse. Think of it as a digital world where you can dress up in Jimmy Choo or another designer head-to-toe. The Metaverse is essentially a digital world emulating the real world where everything from apparel to artwork and traveling is virtual.

How does fashion come into this? Through NFTs.

Since NFTs give you ownership of things in the digital realm, they’re the perfect way to incorporate objects into the Metaverse.

Many luxury brands are now entering the Metaverse and creating NFT apparel and accessories for consumers to purchase and flaunt in their digital worlds.

The most notable brand in this regard is Jimmy Choo.

Today’s world is heavily influenced by decentralized finance as we see the influx of cryptocurrencies and increasing interest in NFTs. On top of that, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement of the Metaverse has led top brands and luxury houses to enter the apparel and accessories NFT space.

NFT sneakers specifically have gained overwhelming hype in the past few years, especially since brands like Gucci and Crocs entered the Metaverse. But what are NFT sneakers? How can you resell them? Is it even possible to resell NFT sneakers?

This guide will explain how sneakers tie in with NFTs and the Metaverse. Plus, you’ll learn if the old-school method of sneaker reselling is still profitable in an increasingly digital world.

Overview of NFTs

The ascent of decentralized finance, especially NFTs, has piqued widespread interest in this new concept.

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